Tai Chi/Qigong

What is it?

Tai Chi and Qigong are traditional Chinese exercises for health and longevity. Tai Chi forms consist of a series of flowing movements. The form taught in Alison’s classes is short and easy for beginners to learn, and when practiced regularly can help with balance and flexibility. Qigong exercises focus on using breathing and body awareness to ensure a smooth flow of energy or Qi through the body.


The classes are suitable for all ages and levels of fitness and health. If you have any concerns about starting a new exercise programme please discuss with your doctor first.

For more information please visit www.uktqf.co.uk


I am not currently running any classes.

Group Session/Talks

Alison has talked to many organisations about Tai Chi/Qigong and its benefits for health including Age Concern, the Girl Guides and local councils. She has also taught one off sessions/demonstrations to interested groups, so please feel free to contact her if you would like her to come to your organisation.

She also has experience of teaching groups of school and nursery age children.