Long Term Acupuncture Research Project

Long Term Acupuncture


Chinese medicine has a long history of ideas to preserve health as we age known as yangsheng, or the nourishment of life. Part of the role of the acupuncturist was considered to be to “treat those not yet ill…to put in order what was not yet in disorder.” This is believed to have been written 2600 BC

This aspect of Chinese Medicine practice is not written about much today, and I am interested to found out more about how it fits with acupuncture practice in the West today.

I am currently researching why many people continue to have acupuncture treatments after their initial few sessions; often for years. This is being done with the support of the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading where I am working part time as a practical skills tutor and dissertation supervisor.

I am interested in talking to any patients who have been having acupuncture for more than two years (doesn’t have to have been with the same practitioner), as well as acupuncturists who treat such patients. Any interviews would be at a time and place of your convenience or over the phone and would be anonymised and kept confidential.

Please contact me by phone or email using the details on the contacts page of this website if you are interested in participating, or have any thoughts and suggestions you would like to share.

Many thanks for your interest, Alison June 2014